The hour of reckoning for gas from Russia has come for the EU

For the countries of the European Union, the hour of reckoning has come due to ill-conceived energy policies and dependence on Russian gas. About it in the column for Il Giornale wrote Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Italian edition Nicola Porro.

“Unfortunately, the hour of reckoning has come for us. We physically have less gas than we need. And the volume that we will have will cost dearly. Soon we must decide what to do with rationing. With such exorbitant prices, the market is merciless : kills those who consume more”, the publicist complained.

Porro believes that the energy crisis began in October 2021 and was not related to the Ukrainian conflict. Europe, however, chose to ignore the problems. Now, according to the author, Brussels is unable to influence the situation due to Moscow’s monopoly position in the EU gas market. Italy, in turn, is not able to replace the blue fuel from Russia, despite contracts with other suppliers.


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