The High Command of the Navy proposed dismantling the nuclear submarine “Nerpa” – Kommersant

The main command of the Russian Navy proposed dismantling the damaged nuclear submarine Nerpa for “financial reasons.” About it TASS said a source in the military-industrial complex.

“Nerpa” is located at one of the shipyards near Vladivostok, the source specified. According to him, the High Command of the Navy proposed abandoning the repair and modernization of the submarine, since from a financial point of view this is inappropriate.

In 2012, Nerpa was leased to the Indian Navy under the name Chakra-2. She was expected to remain in India for ten years. In 2020, a high-pressure air cylinder exploded on board, damaging both hulls. Following this, “Nerpa” was transferred to Vladivostok. According to a TASS source, before being sent to Russia, specialists in India repaired the hulls.

On November 8, 2008, during sea trials of the Nerpa in the Sea of ​​Japan, 20 people (including 17 civilian specialists) were killed as a result of unauthorized activation of the fire extinguishing system, and another 38 were injured.

Lusine Balasyan

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