The health of the actor Serebryakov raised questions after his appearance at the premiere of a new film

TASS |  Savelyeva Sasha
TASS | Savelyeva Sasha

Appearance Alexey Serebryakov at the premiere of the thriller Rabies raised questions about the health of the actor.

The thinner and haggard actor was accompanied by his daughter Daria at the event. According to journalists, she had to literally lead him by the arm. Serebryakov’s fans were worried about his health, as stars often prefer not to talk about serious illnesses. The reporters also recalled the incident on the set, when the fire almost led to human casualties.

Serebryakov’s portfolio includes more than 150 projects, in many of which he played a prominent role. For a long time the Serebryakov family lived in Canada. The actor has three children, two of which he and his wife adopted.


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