The head of Yugorsk commented on the situation with the power outage in the city. Video

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The head of Yugorsk, Alexey Kharlov, said that the power outage in the city was due to a major accident at the substation, which the city authorities had not encountered before. He reported this on his telegram channel.

“Dear Ugra residents! Today [30 ноября] In the city at 03:00 there was an accident in the power supply networks. The southern part of the city was cut off. This is a major accident that we have never encountered before. All services were involved. A temporary stay center was also set up,” Kharlov commented. He published a video message on his Telegram-Canada.

The head of the city also clarified that the accident has now been eliminated. In the near future, city services plan to find out the cause of the accident at the substation.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that in Yugorsk, due to an accident at a substation, almost a thousand houses were left without electricity. Five microdistricts of the city were de-energized.


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