The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on the EU to increase military support for Kyiv for the offensive


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, during a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the EU member states, called for an increase in the volume of military support for Kyiv. According to him, this is necessary for the successful conduct of the upcoming counter-offensive operation by the Ukrainian armed forces.

“The highest priority need is artillery ammunition. The sooner we get as many shells as possible, the more lives will be saved,”— told Mr Kuleba. He called on the European Union to promptly provide Kyiv with additional air defense systems, tank ammunition, anti-tank systems, long-range, high-precision weapons and other necessary equipment.

Earlier, the British newspaper Financial Times, citing European officials and representatives of military-industrial complex enterprises, reported that the lack of gunpowder, plastic explosives and TNT prevents the European Union from supplying ammunition to Ukraine on a stable basis. A German government official told reporters that “the fundamental problem in Europe is the inability to establish production in the defense industry at the level necessary in a full-scale armed conflict.”

About the situation in the war zone in Ukraine – in the online broadcast “Kommersant”.

Alexander Kislov


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