The head of the studio Blumhouse spoke about the reasons for the cancellation of “Batgirl”


    Head of the film studio Bloomhouse Productions Jason Bloom in another interview, he expressed his opinion about the reasons for the cancellation of the Batgirl movie comic. The article was published August 6 in Variety magazine.

    Bloom stated that he understands why Warner Bros. decided to abandon the project of this film. “I understand why they decided to do it. You have new management so they want a fresh start and brand DC in a certain way.”Bloom said, adding that his company, unlike the rest of Hollywood, has a truly commercial approach to filmmaking: directors are given more creative freedom, but at the same time they are required to make relatively inexpensive films.

    The head of Blumhouse Productions noted that following this approach allows his studio to take risks. He said he greenlit the film Scott Derrickson “Black phone” with…

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