The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations asked the State Duma to assign the status of veterans to rescuers in the Northern Military District zone

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexander Kurenkov, asked the State Duma to give the department’s employees working in the special operation zone the status of veterans. There are now more than 303 thousand rescuers working in the new regions.

“Current legislation does not provide for granting our employees the status of combat veterans, which is a problematic issue that requires a prompt solution. Dear deputies, we count on your support in resolving this issue,” the minister said at a government hour in the State Duma (quote from TASS).

According to the minister, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in a combat zone “almost always are in the most dangerous areas, warning the population, sheltering them in protective structures, and evacuating them.” In a war zone, rescuers are also involved in mine clearance.

In May, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which payments of 5 million rubles, as well as 3 million rubles, are provided for the families of rescuers killed in the combat zone. – in case of injury. However, rescuers are not provided with the benefits that military personnel receive: these are, in particular, an increase in pensions by 32%, tax benefits, as well as benefits when using public transport, when paying for housing and communal services and state duties.

In mid-July, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations spoke in the Federation Council about the need to introduce combat veteran status for rescuers. The head of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, Vasily Piskarev, also said that EMERCOM employees working in difficult conditions on the territory of the Northern Military District should receive additional support.

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Anastasia Larina

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