The head of the Ministry of Agriculture called the grain deal an “error” in the world market

About 4.6 million tons of products were exported from Ukrainian ports, of which a little less than half is corn, said Dmitry Patrushev, head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. According to him, wheat accounted for about 1.2 million tons. The minister believes that the grain exported from Ukraine cannot remove the risks of a food crisis.

In an interview RBC Mr. Patrushev said that about 310 thousand tons of sunflower oil were exported as part of the “grain deal”. He called this “also an extremely insignificant amount.” “Of course, this (all exported products.— “b”) cannot cover the needs of starving countries, including in grain. In fact, this is an error in the world market,” Dmitry Patrushev believes.

He also argues that the main buyers of these products are the members of the European Union (EU), and not the countries “that really need it.” The head of the Ministry of Agriculture also noted that there are still barriers to the export of Russian agricultural products. “If you call a spade a spade, these are hidden sanctions regarding the transportation of products. Despite the fact that the absence of restrictions on the export of products of the agro-industrial sector is declared,” he said.

In July, Russia and Ukraine, with the support of Turkey and the UN, concluded a “product deal”. It includes agreements on the export of Ukrainian grain and the promotion of Russian fertilizers and foodstuffs to world markets. President Vladimir Putin complained that Ukrainian grain was sent not to developing countries, but to Europe. He also called on the UN to influence Europe to lift sanctions on Russian fertilizers. According to Politico, the EU is discussing the move.

Read more about the export of grain – in the material “Kommersant” “Answer to the exports of our time.”

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