The head of the Kurgan district offered residents to buy water for vegetable gardens during a drought

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The head of the Polovinsky municipal district of the Kurgan region, Vadim Menshchikov, suggested that local residents buy technical water for vegetable gardens from the enterprise, so as not to use drinking water for irrigation. Menshchikov wrote about this on his page on the social network VKontakte.

“I appeal to all residents of the village with a request not to water the gardens with drinking water. In this case, you can always organize the supply of industrial water. Which is what MP “Istok” is already doing. The cost of delivery is 500 rubles per barrel of 3.5 cubic meters, ”Menshchikov suggested to the local residents.

He explained that due to the heat, the consumption of water in the evening increased significantly. For this reason, the pressure drops sharply in the system, due to which water stops reaching the residents of the upper floors of apartment buildings. “The statements of our citizens that drinking water is not used for irrigation are doubtful. They use it,” the head said. He noted that in April, 350-370 cubic meters of water were consumed in the district center per day, and on May 29 this figure increased to 600 cubic meters.

Menshchikov said that the daily supply of water would not be enough if it was used for vegetable gardens. To find illegal tie-ins, representatives of the Istok MP began to go around the yards.

The problem of lack of drinking water in the summer is reported in the municipalities of the region every year. The main reason, according to authorities, is watering gardens with drinking water.

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