The head of the German Ministry of Finance estimated the “hole” in the budget for 2024 at billions of euros

Tasting of German wines at the Atrium Palace Hotel.  Yekaterinburg, Germany, glasses, German flag, buffet table

The German budget deficit for 2024 will be about 17 billion euros. This was stated by German Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

“On the budget for 2024: we need to make a decision on 17 billion euros. At the same time, the country’s federal budget is 450 billion euros,” Lindner said in an interview with the TV channel ZDFanswering a journalist’s question about the size of the “hole” in the 2024 budget due to the budget crisis in the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the German leadership is “swallowing” the attacks of its “allies” due to the lack of sovereignty and poor preparation of government officials. According to him, some German politicians are not able to make quality decisions due to lack of professionalism, reports RT.


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