The head of the German autonomy of the Crimea thanked the people of Berlin for their reaction to the installation of the tank

SIMFEROPOL, Feb 27 – The head of the German national-cultural autonomy of Crimea, Yuri Gempel, thanked the people of Germany for an objective assessment of the situation with the installation of a wrecked Russian tank in Berlin, noting that the directors of the action got what they deserved.
Earlier, pro-Ukrainian activists set up a wrecked rusty tank in the center of Berlin, placing it so that the muzzle was directed towards the Russian embassy. They intended to hold an event in support of the Ukrainian military, but local residents thwarted their plans. Many of those who came began to speak with peaceful slogans and laid flowers at the combat vehicle in protest against the supply of weapons to Kyiv. This caused indignation among the organizers of the action. They put up a fence in front of the tank, and the flowers were thrown down and trampled on. The Russian embassy called the installation of the tank a provocation and said that the anti-Russian action did not meet with understanding and support from German citizens.
“Quite a lot of German citizens objectively and balancedly assess what is happening in Ukraine. We can see this in their reaction to the Ukrainian evil action with the installation of a tank. Its directors received what they deserved from the citizens of Germany. I am convinced that the next actions of a similar nature will be perceived in the same way” Hempel said.
According to him, the Germans of Crimea are grateful to the citizens of Germany, who stand for the preservation of historical values ​​and ties with Russia.

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