The head of the British Ministry of Defense called the country’s military equipment obsolete

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace compared the country’s ground forces to expensive wine “that went bad about 15 years ago.” With such a statement, he made a conference edition of the Conservative Home.

The official pointed to the need to modernize the military equipment of the kingdom’s army against the background of the presence of more modern types of weapons in other branches of the country’s armed forces.

“Military equipment is in dire need of replacement,” TASS quoted him as saying. At the same time, Wallace added, he is participating in negotiations to increase the UK military budget in the coming years and increase the size of the army, which now, according to him, is only 72.5 thousand people.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov said in the press center of Parliamentary Newspaper that the main interests in the continuation of hostilities in Ukraine are the United States and Great Britain.

According to him, as long as London and Washington have the opportunity to transfer any weapons to Ukraine, they will do it. At the same time, the situation in Europe against the backdrop of global instability does not bother the United States and Great Britain, the senator believes.

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