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The head of Rostec: “betrayal of the West” will not deprive Russia of partners in the rest of the world


Sergey Chemezov, CEO of the Rostec state corporation, said that Russia’s isolation, including technological isolation, as well as an attempt to do everything on its own, is “a road to nowhere.” He is convinced that Russia must remain part of the global world, where development is impossible without international partnerships. Mr. Chemezov is also confident that the “betrayal of the West” will not deprive Russia of partners in the rest of the world.

“The betrayal of the West is not a reason to close windows and doors. We are not on the path with the promoters of sanctions, but we have partners in other regions of the world who today behave consistently and on principle,” Mr. Chemezov wrote in his article for RBC.

The head of Rostec also believes that the destruction of cooperation chains and, in general, the shock scenario that Russia faced, “have nothing to do with normal economic processes.” According to him, foreign partners suffer enormous losses by breaking off relations with Russia, “as a result of which the principles of free trade are crossed out to please politicians.”

“The existing Western economic and political institutions are forever discredited in the eyes of not only Russia, but the whole world. But they realize it a little later,” explained Mr. Chemezov. He called the restrictions imposed against Russia unprecedented, and the loss of access to certain goods, technologies and components, in his words, “is not a signal for total import substitution.” “Replacing everything is pointless, economically inexpedient and simply impossible. I repeat, not a single developed country in the world does this, ”added the head of Rostec.

Western countries have imposed six packages of sanctions against Russia. The decision was made against the backdrop of the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine on February 24. According to the new restrictions, the EU countries intend to abandon Russian oil within six months, oil products – within eight. It was also decided to disconnect Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, Moscow Credit Bank from the international SWIFT transfer system. On June 4, Polish Foreign Minister Pavel Yablonsky announced a new, seventh package of sanctions.

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