The head of Perm spoke about replacing officials in the mayor’s office with digital technologies

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The administration of Perm will introduce digital technologies against the backdrop of a reduction in the number of employees. The mayor of the city, Eduard Sosnin, spoke about this during a live broadcast on Sputnik radio. The mayor noted that the reduction of employees in the administration is “already underway,” and those who will continue to work in the mayor’s office will have to learn to work more intensively.

“I, the city administration, is faced with the task of optimizing staffing levels [сотрудников администрации Перми]. And on my instructions, comprehensive work has been launched to improve the intensity of the work of officials. There is an absolutely clear understanding that we can work more intensively by introducing, on the one hand, digital technologies. Some services can be provided electronically through State Services and MFC. This, on the one hand, leads to a reduction in the staff of the administration, on the other hand, it increases the speed and quality of the response to the applicant,” Sosnin noted.

At the same time, the head of Perm assured that the quality of municipal services will not decrease. At the same time, Sosnin admitted that in the district administrations and the mayor’s office of Perm “there is a personnel shortage. According to the mayor, specialists are reluctant to work as officials for a number of reasons, including because of low salaries, and the mayor’s office in this regard is “difficult to compete with commercial structures.”

Governor Dmitry Makhonin set the task of reducing some of the employees in the administration of the regional capital to the new mayor. After this, it became known that the mayor’s office had cut dozens of vacant positions.

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