The travel of Russians to countries open to the public is safe, since this issue is being assessed by several departments at once, including the Foreign Ministry, Rostourism and Rospotrebnadzor. The head of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia Maya Lomidze announced this on May 13.

“There were no announcements, statements, recommendations from them (departments assessing the safety of tourism – ed.) regarding those countries that are now open and available as tourist destinations <…>. From which we conclude that, in general, it is safe, ”commented the situation TASS Lomidze.

According to the head of ATOR, even trips to Sri Lanka are not dangerous. However, a number of rules will need to be observed, since a curfew has been set in the country due to the outbreak of riots. Lomidze added that tourist communication with the Asian country was not interrupted, and there were no recommendations from anyone to stop issuing tours.

Recall that protests in Sri Lanka began at the end of April due to a serious economic crisis. A few days later, the discontent of the citizens turned into clashes between supporters and opponents of the current regime.



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