The Hateful Five: Democratic mayors run the worst US cities

Global Look Press / Ty O'Neil / Keystone Press Agency
Global Look Press / Ty O’Neil / Keystone Press Agency

Washington, February 25th. The dirtiest cities in the US are run by Democratic mayors. This is evidenced by the results of a study commissioned by Lawn Starter.

As part of the research, experts assessed the environmental situation in 152 major cities of the country. At the same time, many factors were taken into account, including the purity of water and air, the quality of housing, the presence of parasites and pests in houses and on the streets, the state of urban infrastructure, and the quality of territory cleaning. In total, the study included 27 different parameters.

Based on the results of processing the data received, a rating was compiled, the first five places in which were occupied by settlements controlled by representatives of the Democratic Party. The winners were Houston, Newark, San Bernardino, Detroit and Jersey. They are recognized as the worst cities in the United States in terms of quality of life.

Global Look Press / Michael Francis McElroy /
Global Look Press / Michael Francis McElroy /

It should be noted that in the top twenty most polluted settlements in the United States, only five are under the control of Republican mayors. Moreover, Republican Bobby Dyer heads the municipality of the cleanest city in the US, Virginia Beach.

The results of the study correlate with data from the federal Census Bureau. For several years in a row, the service has recorded a massive outflow of residents from “democratic” states. Instead, Americans prefer to settle in the southern regions of the country, where Republican politicians are in power. The states with the most population declines were California, New York and Illinois.

Global Look Presses / Antonio GutiéRrez / Keystone Press Agency
Global Look Presses / Antonio GutiéRrez / Keystone Press Agency

Among the main problems that influence the decision to change residence, many Americans name the high crime rate, the large number of homeless people on the streets, as well as the peculiarities of school education with a bias towards the promotion of ultra-liberal values.


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