The hands of all clocks stopped at 08:15. Exactly 77 years ago, the United States destroyed Hiroshima.


    Volodin: US massacred hundreds of thousands of people in Japan to intimidate the whole world

    The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is 77 years old. On August 6 and August 9, 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on cities. Hundreds of thousands of people became victims. These were civilians who did not pose any threat to the States. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that August 6 and 9 should be the days of repentance by the United States to humanity for these crimes.

    Cities wiped off the face of the earth

    As a result of the American atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki over 450 thousand people died. Those who were able to survive (183,519 people) received serious illnesses caused by radiation exposure.

    The hands of all clocks stopped at 08:15.  Exactly 77 years ago, the US destroyed Hiroshima |  Picture 1Photo source: public domain

    The US initially wanted to drop nine atomic bombs on rice fields or into the sea. All for the sake of achieving a psychological effect, to support the landing operations that were planned to be carried out on the Japanese Islands at the end of September 1945. However, later the plans changed and they decided to drop bombs on the cities.

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    The hands of all clocks stopped at 08:15.  Exactly 77 years ago, the US destroyed Hiroshima |  Picture 2Photo source: public domain

    Hiroshima was chosen on purpose because this city fit the criteria for achieving maximum destruction and the greatest number of victims. Hiroshima has a flat location, the city is surrounded by hills, low buildings, moreover, at that time the buildings were mostly wooden.

    According to eyewitnesses who were able to survive, at first they saw a bright flash of light, after which the city was covered by a wave that burned everything in its path. At the epicenter, everything turned to ashes. The hands of almost all the clocks in the city stopped at 08:15 when the explosion occurred.

    Nagasaki was attacked on August 9th. A plutonium bomb called “Fat Man” was dropped on the city. The explosion occurred at 11:02. At that moment, 70 thousand civilians were killed immediately. The number of victims grew because people continued to die from radiation sickness. The list is updated every year. As of 2014, the bombing claimed the lives of 165,409 people.

    “On someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built”

    Hiroshima hosted the annual memorial service for the victims of the bombing today. Mayor Kazumi Matsui quoted the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy in his speech. He noted that now humanity is beginning to understand more and more that the world cannot be preserved without nuclear deterrent forces.

    “But in order to protect the lives and property of people, it is necessary to create such conditions under which there would be no other basic solution than the renunciation of nuclear weapons,” he stressed.

    Matsui recalled the words of the writer Leo Tolstoy, that one cannot build one’s own happiness on someone else’s misfortune, which in fact lies in the happiness of others.

    “Humanity is still threatened by the revival of the picture of hell that arose in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. It is necessary that all buttons for launching nuclear missiles become redundant. In this regard, we should once again reflect on the words of the Russian writer,” the mayor said.

    Days of repentance USA before the world

    State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin recalled that the American authorities killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Japan, solely to show their power and intimidate the whole world.

    “The United States remains the only state on the planet that has used nuclear weapons. Throughout their history, they have based politics on colonial principles: they ruined, killed, lived at the expense of other countries, ”he wrote in his Telegram.

    Volodin recalled the devastating intervention of the United States in the affairs of Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

    In his opinion, August 6 and 9 should be the days of repentance by the United States before humanity for the crimes committed against civilians.

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