“I realized that we needed to break up when I noticed that I was literally afraid of Friday – the day when we traditionally had a date in the evening. I began to treat it as something that I just need to go through before I can enjoy the weekend” Always_Trying01.

“She poisoned my cat! 🐈 Rest in peace, Mr. Noodle.

I nearly strangled her myself, but that didn’t make anyone feel any better. Fortunately, now I’m far from this crazy. Who knows what she could do to me” GrumpaSpaceGoat.

“I clearly began to realize that the relationship had become obsolete when the very communication with her began to evoke negative emotions. My phone is ringing – good. I see on the screen that it is her – in my head – “Oh…” LiterallyOuttoLunch.

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“For several months she pestered me with or without reason. She criticized everything. Everything that I did, she didn’t like. I tried to improve, apologized, although I didn’t even understand why. rude to me. She exploded. Her veins popped out and she let out a strange growl/scream, declared that she would slit my throat and burn down my house. I went with the children to my parents. When I returned the next day, she was gone. Since then “I never saw her. Oddly enough, the anxiety almost disappeared” suburbanoutrage.

“I understood everything when I saw how she completely changed in behavior when her boss was around. She became much nicer, more flirtatious and more accommodating. That’s when I realized that she was dating me only to make him jealous and to he left his wife for her” reddit_user.

“You can tell by their eyes that they don’t love you anymore. I will never forget what I felt then.” escape_of_da_keets.

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“I was at the wedding of my best friend. When he saw the bride walking down the aisle, he had such a wide smile that he seemed to burst with delight. He was so happy to become the husband of this love of his life. Then I thought about my , now ex, girl.I realized that I just did not feel the same for her.

I must admit that when I married my current wife, I smiled like a fool” kitskill.

“I found naked photos of her with some guy. They were taken on our camera, on our sofa, in the living room of our house” ChyCheck.

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“When she became cold to me and began to think about our relationship. Then she began to talk more and more with “that guy” from her group at the university. What happened next, you yourself know” charset00.

“When she decided to confess to me at two o’clock in the morning right before my first exam that she cheated on me. That session remained the worst in my academic history” Ragefakar.


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