The growth of gas tariffs and the problems of Baikal aircraft – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on March 23

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency has collected the most common fakes about the Russian operation in Ukraine on March 23.

The Russians will pay for the losses of “Gazprom”

Russian citizens will allegedly have to compensate Gazprom’s losses in the EU out of their own pockets. To compensate for the company’s losses, the authorities will raise gas tariffs four times. Now every adult resident of the country must pay 22 thousand rubles. This news is spread by some media and Telegram channels.

However, this information is not confirmed by any official source. In Parliament, no one made proposals to increase gas tariffs for citizens. The creators of this fake as a pretext used the materials of the round table on energy, organized in the State Duma. They misinterpreted the topic of competitive pricing for industrial customers discussed during the event.

In addition, the news has already been denied by the press service of the lower house of parliament. It is noteworthy that natural gas prices are fully regulated by the state. It is the only resource in the domestic market in this respect. Even if the authorities agree to the transition to free competition, such a decision will affect industrial consumers, but not ordinary citizens.

“It has never been and is not about changing the principles of gas pricing for the population and housing and communal services. It was and should remain regulated, given that the cost of housing and communal services, the tariffs for which are regulated, up to 60% is payment for heat. The growth of regulated gas prices should not exceed the level of inflation in the country,” Pavel Zavalny, Chairman of the Energy Committee, said in turn.

According to him, the unprofessionalism of the author of the fake is amazing. He does not understand the principle of gas pricing at all, the official noted.

Russian planes “Baikal” are unsafe

The new Baikal aircraft produced for civil aviation purposes are unsafe and unsuitable for carrying passengers. They are designed for reporting only, and the required engines are not sold in the territory of the Russian Federation. Oppositional Telegram channels write about this.

However, the creators of the fake deliberately distorted the data on the new aircraft produced in Russia. They collected scattered information about him, combining them into a single text.

LMS-901 “Baikal” is a multipurpose aircraft. It will be certified for passenger and freight traffic in accordance with accepted standards. To select a business model for the operation of Baikal, the Ural Civil Aviation Plant will create separate versions of the vessel suitable for use in the field of air ambulance, aviation forest protection and aviation chemical work. These models will be the first to fly.

However, already in the basic version, the Baikal corresponds to a level of safety comparable to that of the AN-2. It is equipped with a complete rescue and parachute system. In addition, the aircraft is provided with all the necessary devices for operation in various, even the most difficult, meteorological conditions.

Now one of the main tasks of the Ural plant is the creation of the VK-800SM engine. At the moment, testing and preparatory work is being carried out to put it into operation. After the certification of the engine, the enterprise will start deliveries of Baikals to meet the needs of the aviation industry.


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