The Governor of KhMAO completed the reform of the government apparatus

All-Russian Forum of National Unity.  Khanty-Mansiysk, Komarova Natalia

Yugra Governor Natalya Komarova has completed work on reforming the government apparatus. A department of administrative support has already been created, which will deal with the material and technical supply of the authorities. And Yulia Konyaeva was appointed its director, a source in the KhMAO political establishment told URA.RU.

“The very idea of ​​the reform belonged to Anatoly Utkin, head of the staff of the governor of Ugra. He suggested diluting the functionality. The governor’s office should deal with citizens’ appeals, rule-making activities, control over the execution of instructions from the head of the region, and not the purchase of water and office supplies. But he, of course, will continue to oversee the logistics of the government, but not in an operational mode. Konyaeva is a confidant of Utkin, ”the insider commented.

He also added that before Konyaeva was the deputy head of the apparatus of the district authorities. The official herself, in a conversation with URA.RU, confirmed her appointment.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the governor of Yugra appointed her deputy Vladislav Nigmatulin as the head of the KhMAO representative office under the government of the Russian Federation. Previously, this position was held by Andrey Knysh.


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