The government supported the project on fines for drunk driving of electric scooters

The government supported Senator Artem Sheikin’s bill on regulating the movement of electric scooters and other personal mobility devices (IM). As part of the initiative, it is proposed to introduce fines of up to 30 thousand rubles. for drunk driving of electric scooters, other SIMs and bicycles, fines of up to 5 thousand rubles. – for exceeding the speed limit, up to 3 thousand rubles. – for riding together.

“The review of the government of the Russian Federation, prepared by the Ministry of Justice, taking into account the position of key ministries, proposes to support the bill developed by me and my colleagues on the regulation of personal mobility devices and bicycles,” the senator told RIA Novosti.

The government’s draft review states that the concept of the bill “deserves attention,” but the document is supported subject to its completion. Among the comments:

  • the explanatory note provides only data on the number and consequences of road traffic accidents involving SIM, but not on the number of persons brought to administrative responsibility;
  • there is no data indicating insufficient measures to influence cyclists and pedestrians, as well as cases of failure of local governments to comply with traffic management requirements;
  • proposed in Part 3 of Art. 12.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, the amount of the fine for violating the rules for the carriage of goods and the rules of towing by persons using SIM exceeds the amount of the fine established for a similar offense committed by the driver of the vehicle;
  • It is necessary to preserve the right of the police to suppress administrative offenses committed by drivers of electric scooters and SIMs.

In August, amid an increase in accidents involving SIMs, State Duma deputy Vitaly Efimov called for the introduction of mandatory training, licenses and license plates for SIMs, and Senator Alexander Bashkin proposed limiting travel on powerful electric vehicles. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Mikhail Delyagin prepared a draft law on the registration of electric scooters, but the government did not support it.

About the increase in the number of accidents involving SIM, see the Kommersant article “No forgiveness for SIM.”

Laura Keffer

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