The government submitted to the State Duma a bill to limit the presence of foreign warships on the NSR


    The Government of the Russian Federation submitted to the State Duma a draft law on the procedure for the passage of foreign non-commercial vessels along the Northern Sea Route (NSR). According to it, no more than one foreign warship or other state-owned ship can be on the NSR, which does not have the goal of entering a seaport, a naval base or a base for warships. The relevant bill (pdf.) published in the database of the State Duma.

    What other rules for passage along the NSR for foreign non-commercial vessels are established by the draft law:

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    • ships must notify the Russian side of the passage along the NSR 90 days before the expected date of passage;
    • ships are required to fly the flag of their state;
    • Russia will be able to promptly stop the passage of foreign warships and other government ships in the territorial sea and internal waters with the help of navigational warnings:
    • warships and ships with nuclear power plants, as well as ships carrying nuclear, dangerous or poisonous substances, when entering the NSR, must have the necessary documents on board, observe special precautions and follow the route specified in the permit.

    In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to transfer control of the NSR to Rosatom. The head of the state corporation, Alexei Likhachev, later said that Rosatom had prepared a draft plan for the development of the Northern Sea Route and did not intend to abandon foreign projects amid sanctions.

    Julia Abugalieva


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