The government of North Macedonia will discuss the transfer of 12 Russian Mi-24s to Ukraine


Defense Minister of North Macedonia Slavyanka Petrovska will propose to the government to approve the transfer of 12 Russian-made Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine. They were purchased from Ukraine in 2001. However, eight years ago, according to the minister, their resource expired, and they are not used due, among other things, to the lack of spare parts.

“Some of them have been modernized – that is, two, but this modernization was adapted to those conditions then and absolutely does not correspond to what is needed now, even if we want to talk about the development of technology,” said Ms. Petrovska (quoted from the Macedonian edition Focus). She noted that combat helicopters are needed by the Ukrainian army for various operations, and that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the ability to put them into operation.

In the summer of 2022, North Macedonia gave Ukraine four Su-25 fighters bought from Kyiv in 2001. These Su-25s were withdrawn from service in 2004. At the same time, North Macedonia handed over T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

Follow the situation in Ukraine in the online broadcast “Kommersant”.

Maria Fedotova


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