The government and deputies named two areas where they will allocate most of the budget

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The government and deputies proposed to consider the distribution of 1.7 trillion rubles of expenditure planned for 2024. The largest adjustment in the defense sector is 180 billion rubles, the second largest is support for new regions of the country. The information follows from the published table of adjustments.

“The amount of the largest defense amendment for 2024 is 180 billion rubles <...> The most significant economic adjustment is estimated at 75.8 billion rubles. This money will go to road infrastructure under the program “Restoration and socio-economic development of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye region and Kherson region,” the presented initiatives quote “Vedomosti

The newspaper clarifies that in the 2024 budget, the 10 largest amendments in terms of expenditures account for 60% of the total redistributed volume, which amounts to more than one trillion rubles. Six proposals are from the defense sector, three affect new regions of the country and one is social support for those employed in the defense sector.

At the end of October “National News Service» reported that federal budget revenues for 2024 are planned at 35.065 trillion rubles. Expenses – 36.66 trillion rubles. It is noted that in the first reading the draft was supported by 320 deputies.


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