The German Ministry of Defense confirmed plans to double military assistance to Ukraine in 2024

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced that Berlin intends to double military assistance to Ukraine in 2024. Instead of the €4 billion earmarked for these purposes, it is planned to spend €8 billion.

“This is a strong signal to Ukraine, showing that we are not giving up,” Mr. Pistorius told ARD television (quoted by AFP). He attributed the decision to the experience of 2023, “which showed that the planned amounts were quickly exhausted.”

The coalition government previously reached an agreement to double the initial aid amount in 2024. The decision must be approved by a vote in parliament. Plans to double aid were previously reported by German and American media.

Germany has provided Ukraine with €22 billion in military, humanitarian and financial assistance since the start of the conflict with Russia. Former British Defense Minister Ben Wallace reported in October that London had lost its status as the largest European donor to Ukraine to Berlin.

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Leonid Uvarchev

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