The German authorities have not yet made public their data on sabotage at Nord Stream

The head of the German Ministry of Economy, Robert Habeck, said that he could not comment on media reports about the explosions at Nord Stream, recalling that the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office was looking into the circumstances of the incident. Earlier, several Western media announced the involvement of a certain “pro-Ukrainian group” in pipeline sabotage. Information from the German authorities about what happened is not for the public, Mr. Habek said.

“So the information of the German government is not intended for discussion in the media,” the minister said on the air of the Welt TV channel, noting that the Prosecutor General’s Office would make a statement when it completed its investigation (quote from TASS).

On September 26, a gas leak occurred on the pipelines, Sweden called explosions the cause of the accident, the Russian Federation regarded the incident as an “act of international terrorism”, no one took responsibility.

On March 7, The New York Times, citing sources, wrote that, according to intelligence, the attack on Nord Stream was staged by some pro-Ukrainian group. After the British newspaper The Times reported that the West was hiding the Ukrainian sponsor of the Nord Stream explosions in order to supply weapons.

Read about the reaction in the publication “Kommersant” “Pipe smell”.

Maria Fedotova


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