The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mali reported on the successful completion of a series of anti-terrorist operations


    Bamako, 5 August. The Malian military conducted a series of anti-terrorist operations. About it reported* General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mali.

    The communique contains data on the results of the work of the National Army of the Republic (FAMa) from July 29 to August 3. In total, 9 events were carried out and more than 10 radical elements were neutralized.

    Last Friday, July 29, FAMa forces detained 3 alleged sentinel terrorists in the area Bonnie. A motorcycle and a walkie-talkie were confiscated from the militants.

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    A day later, during a reconnaissance and offensive operation, a patrol of the Armed Forces of Mali entered into battle with gangs of radicals in the villages Famabugu, Segendare and Diadiane. As a result, three were killed and two wounded. As part of another operation near the settlement Sokolo Malians neutralized 2 terrorists and wounded one.

    On Sunday, July 31, FAMa detained two more bandits armed with homemade small arms near the village Sarakala. Another clean-up event held on the same day in the villages Huemoa, Karka and Mbentie ended with the liquidation of the militant.

    Last Tuesday, August 2, the national army destroyed the base of a bandit group in the Koramembugu, eliminating 3 more radicals. FAMa also arrested 2 people on suspicion of harboring terrorists while on patrol in Ombori.

    The next day, August 3, Malian fighters neutralized 5 jihadists and freed one hostage during a clash in the Boni sector. Several firearms, ammunition, motorcycles, walkie-talkies and other equipment were confiscated from the bandits.

    On the same day, FAMa launched offensive reconnaissance against a group of terrorists in Sege, Nyongdo and neighboring areas. Aviation takes part in the operation.

    To this day, the fight against armed radicals is the main task in ensuring the territorial integrity of the republic. The success of these operations was largely guaranteed by the training of the personnel of the armed forces of Mali from Russian instructors, whom the Western media associate with the Wagner PMC.

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