The general director of the printing house “Pareto-Print” announced the requirement to pack the books of foreign agents in an opaque film

The general director of the Pareto-Print printing house, Pavel Arseniev, said that one of the partner publishing houses asked his company to pack books whose authors were recognized as foreign agents in black opaque film. According to the publishing house quoted by Mr. Arseniev, the requirement for such packaging comes into force on December 1. On what basis the publishers were obliged to resort to such measures, is not specified.

“Today we received an unexpected question from one of our publishing clients – can you pack a book individually in black opaque film. Why are we? Publishing house – from December 1, we are obliged to pack all the books of our authors-foreign agents in this way. Let’s go look for the film,” Mr. Arseniev wrote on his Facebook page (owned by the extremist and banned Meta, recognized in Russia).

The representative of the printing house did not specify the order for the packaging of which particular work came from the publisher. He also did not say what the books packed in film should look like, given that materials created by foreign agents must be accompanied by a special mark (“dash”). Mr. Arseniev only noted that the opaque dark film is an imported product, which is now difficult to purchase.

Other publishing houses and printing houses did not report on the innovation with film packaging, and there were no official orders from the Russian authorities in this regard either.

In Russian book publishing practice, there is already a precedent for restricting access to certain categories of books through special packaging – literature marked “18+” is sold in bookstores in a transparent film. Previously, many Russian writers, in particular, Dmitry Bykov and Mikhail Zygar, were recognized as foreign media agents, whose books regularly hit the bestseller lists and are published in large numbers.

Andrey Sapozhnikov


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