The G7 summit began with a visit to the memorial to the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima

Participants of the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima began the official program of the event with a visit to the Peace Park, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1945 American atomic bombing. In such a composition of the leaders of the G7 countries, among which there are nuclear powers – the USA, Great Britain, France – this is happening for the first time.

Participants will see an exhibition dedicated to the memory of the victims and victims of the bombing, which is located in the Peace Museum. There, the presidents and heads of government of the G7 will leave notes in the visitor’s book. After the laying of wreaths at the memorial.

During the day, the Group of Seven will have three working sessions. One of them, as a representative of the Japanese Foreign Ministry said at a briefing for journalists, will be devoted to the Ukrainian theme. In total, the summit schedule includes ten sessions and various accompanying events.

Japan is chairing the G7 this year. The leaders of Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Cook Islands, the Union of the Comoros and South Korea are invited to the summit.

The main topics of the meeting will be regional issues, including the situation around Ukraine, the Indo-Pacific region, and Taiwan. They also want to discuss interaction with the countries of the global South, nuclear disarmament and problems of economic and food security.


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