The French supported the reaction of the stands to the behavior of the Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk

Le Point readers supported booing Kostyuk and criticized the Ukrainian tennis player

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Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk lost to Belarusian athlete Arina Sobolenko in the match of the French Open and refused to shake hands with her. For this, the stands booed her, and the readers of the French magazine Le Point criticized for violating the rules of ethics.

A tennis player from Belarus beat her opponent from Ukraine (6:3, 6:2) in the first round of Roland Garros. After the game, according to tradition, the athletes should shake hands with each other and the referee, but Marta Kostyuk stepped aside, for which the stands booed her. Readers of the magazine left more than 30 comments, many of them critical of the losing athlete.

“I finally understand those who were able to boo the Ukrainian player; fair play in sports must be respected, not Ukraine can dictate the rules,” wrote Par R. de Thilay.

A user with the nickname Par Ordre public said that tennis is a noble sport, it is necessary to follow the rules and customs. Good behavior and fair play, he says, are necessary in principle. He urged not to neglect fair-play.

At a press conference, Arina Sobolenko admitted that at first she did not understand the reaction of the public and thought that they booed her. Marta Kostyuk shamed the fans and said that a year ago the reaction would have been different.


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