The French opposition failed to force the resignation of the government

French opposition deputies lacked only nine votes in the National Assembly to pass a vote of no confidence in the current government due to the adoption by Prime Minister Elisabeth Born of a law to change pension reform without a parliamentary vote. The meeting was broadcast on the website of the Parliament.

The LIOT group voted for the vote, with 278 deputies voting, while 287 votes were required to pass it. It is worth noting that despite the stated intention of the head of the center-right Republican party, Eric Ciotti, to prevent attempts by the opposition to remove the government, 19 deputies of this party supported the resolution. At the same time, 94 deputies voted for the second resolution, which was prepared by the National Association party, after which it was rejected.

The required majority has not been reached. None of the resolutions of no confidence was adopted. Thus, the government bill on financing the social budget, taking into account the amendments adopted by the inter-parliamentary commission, is considered adopted.“, – said the chairman of the National Assembly Yael Bron-Pive.

At the same time, the opposition may try to delay the entry into force of the bill. To do this, she must challenge some of the provisions, or the entire bill in the Constitutional Council. The head of the parliamentary faction of the “National Association” Marine Le Pen and the chairman of the parliamentary faction of the left party “Unsubdued France” Matilda Pano are going to submit corresponding requests. There is another option – to get the question of adopting the reform to a referendum. To organize this process, we need the support of at least 185 members of parliament and the signatures of a tenth of the voters, which is about 4.9 million people. The collection of signatures will take nine months.


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