The former head of the CIA named the main reason for the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

None of the Ukrainian and Western commands underestimated the Russian defense line in Ukraine, built by the former commander of a group of troops in the Northern Military District zone, Sergei Surovikin (it is called the “Surovikin line” – approx. URA.RU). This was stated by the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) David Petraeus.

“I don’t think anyone has really realized or appreciated the depth of the minefields, that Russia has really built its defenses very well, multiple lines and so on,” said David Petraeus at the presentation of his book “Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine”. Broadcast aired on the Washington Post YouTube channel. He noted that the correct tactics on the part of the Russian Federation, as well as a lack of weapons, prevented Kyiv from achieving success during the counteroffensive.

The “Surovikin Line” is a multi-kilometer defense line consisting of wire fences and anti-tank fortifications (called “dragon teeth” – approx. URA.RU). It also includes anti-tank ditches and many kilometers of minefields. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) continue to try to break through the defense line of the Russian Armed Forces.


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