The Foreign Ministry announced the tracking of US plans to deploy hypersonic missiles in Japan

MOSCOW, 10 Feb – Moscow will monitor US plans to deploy hypersonic missiles in Japan, this could change the security situation in the region, an official said. representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.
According to her, the information about the missiles requires additional rechecking, but the lack of official denials by the US and Japanese authorities so far, as far as is known, “speaks quite eloquently for itself.”
According to her, the appearance in the Asia-Pacific region of American-made medium-range and short-range ground-based missiles is the criterion that would create grounds for ending the unilateral moratorium on the deployment of weapons of this class by Russia in the region.
The Japanese government intends to consider placing American medium-range missiles on its territory if the United States begins official negotiations on this matter, the Sankei newspaper writes, citing informed sources. The newspaper noted that the American side indicated the LRHW hypersonic missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles under development as possible candidates for deployment.

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