The football referee declared a biased attitude towards Russian athletes


Football referee of the international category Sergey Khusainov believes that recently Russian athletes have been treated with bias in the international arena. He announced this on air. Radio Sputnik.

He cited the example of the removal of Russian athletes from the Paralympics when they were in Beijing. “And when our Paralympic athletes are already in Beijing, the bus is already going to the hotel, and they are told: go home – this is what you need to have, I can’t find the words … scum? After all, these are people who have some limitations, but at the same time inspire other people with their example – what can we even talk about? Khusainov noted.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, most international sports organizations temporarily suspended the Russians from competitions. Football, hockey, basketball, biathlon, gymnastics, athletics and other popular sports are banned. Also, Russia was deprived of the right to host most international sports competitions.

According to a poll by the Public Opinion Foundation, 73 percent of Russians are upset by the removal of Russian athletes from competitions. 72 percent of respondents believe that the country’s sports authorities should seek the admission of athletes.

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