The flayer, who was rampaging in front of the residents of Yekaterinburg, was detained. Photo

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The police detained a resident of the Academichesky district of Yekaterinburg, who first drove a car on the sidewalks, and then began to run and brandish a knife. The information published on social networks by URA.RU was confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to preliminary data, the detainee is a flayer who killed a Spitz in May and then abused him with his new dog.

The Telegram channel “Academic News Yekaterinburg 18+” claims that in order to neutralize the citizen, “traffic police officers put on body armor and protective helmets.” “Police officers detained the specified citizen. More detailed information will be available later,” the police told a URA.RU correspondent.

URA.RU wrote on the evening of November 11 that the detainee was breaking through the gate of a house on Chkalova Street with his car and frightening local residents. The police probably arrived in response to a call from eyewitnesses.

The man was detained by police officers
The man was detained by police officers


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