The first landing of Russian cosmonauts on the Moon is planned for 2031–2040

Preparations for the deployment of the Russian lunar base will take place in 2031–2040. This follows from the report of the general designer for manned space systems and complexes, general designer of RSC Energia Vladimir Solovyov. The start of manned expeditions, the first landing and the beginning of geological research are planned for the same period.

Mr. Solovyov presented his report at the plenary session of the 15th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Manned Space Flights” at the Cosmonaut Training Center named after. Yu. A. Gagarin, reports TASS.

As part of the lunar program it is planned:

  • build a lunar base in 2041–2050, consolidate Russia’s “priority” on the Moon during this period;
  • begin the extraction and use of water and oxygen on the Moon in 2041–2050;
  • begin to develop production technologies from local resources using mining and production complexes, equipment for drilling and excavation;
  • use the resources of the Moon for space exploration, including the extraction of rare resources and support for deep space expeditions, create complexes for the production and storage of fuel components, orbital assembly and refueling facilities, and a complex for the extraction of rare resources after 2050.

Russia resumed its lunar program in 2021. The Soviet program envisaged the creation of a network of manned bases in 1970–1985.

Leonid Uvarchev

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