The Finns envied the attitude of Russians to cars


    Girl driving a car - 1920, 01/15/2022

    MOSCOW, Jan 15 – Finnish newspaper Ilta Sanomat published a material on the results of a survey of Russians on the question of what cars can be considered a luxury.
    According to the publication “Za Rulem”, which conducted the survey, 22.7% of respondents considered a luxury car worth ten million rubles, 25% – from five million, 12.4% indicated the luxury bar of four million rubles, three million – 14.2 %, two million – 11.4%. At the same time, 14.1% of Russians called having any car a luxury.
    The survey results surprised Finnish readers.
    “In Finland, it is considered a luxury to fill up a full tank of water…,” user Sivustalaukoja wrote.
    “In Finland, any passenger car is considered a luxury. It takes a lot to use and maintain it. In Russia, by the way, gasoline costs three times cheaper than in our country,” said Sale.
    “In Finland, a car has always been considered an unnecessary luxury item, for which you have to pay high taxes for this reason,” -Jykä- noted.
    “In Finland, you either drive black tractor-sized SUVs (about 100,000 euros) or 2005 sedans,” Kettari explained.
    “The yards of Russian houses are full of beautiful cars – and the houses themselves are in disrepair,” Ilman aivopesua expressed his opinion.
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