The field orderly explained why the place of their departure is hidden from the fighters of the NMD

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Information about the location of Russian troops is kept secret in order to avoid being hit by missiles from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Any shortcoming can cost the lives of soldiers, says a field orderly with the call sign Box, originally from Tatarstan.

“I went as a volunteer and had no combat experience. I was trained in Kazan for two months, after which I was transferred to the border region, where they kept me for another week and a half. Everything is kept secret so that no missiles are fired at us. Otherwise, there would be losses, ”the publication reports.Moscow region today» Boxing’s words.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, checked the training of contract soldiers before being sent to the special operation zone. To do this, he visited the training grounds of the Western Military District.


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