The festival in Montenegro refused Kalush Orchestra in the demand to exclude participants from the Russian Federation

globallookpress/Jens Büttner dpa
globallookpress/Jens Büttner dpa

The organizers of the Sea Dance Festival, which will be held in Montenegro, refused the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, which demanded the exclusion of participants from Russia. The press service of the event explained that such a decision would be contrary to the values ​​of the event.

“We believe that discrimination against any person and artists on the basis of nationality is completely unacceptable, and canceling a performance of a performer just because he comes from a certain country is the wrong way, both for Sea Dance and for the rest of the world community” , the organizers said.

Recall that the Kalush Orchestra, the winners of Eurovision 2022, were indignant when they learned that DJs from Russia Nina Kravitz and Anfisa Letyago would perform with them at the Sea Dance Festival. Ukrainian musicians said they would refuse to participate in the festival if the Russians were not removed from the lineup.


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