Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov, in an interview with RT, commented on American military maneuvers in Estonia.

On the night of May 8, the United States parachuted more than 700 servicemen, military equipment, and equipment in Estonia as part of the Swift Response exercise. In Tallinn, it was clarified that the bulk of the paratroopers were delivered by transport aircraft directly from the United States.

“Without a doubt, this is a real provocation. When we move troops on our territory, it is considered a threat to all countries, and the fact that they sent their contingent to Estonia is considered the norm. And once they promised that this country would be passive a NATO member, and now it is being turned into an active target for a possible retaliatory strike. Here it is, double standards, “Dzhabarov said.

The parliamentarian stressed the inadmissibility of such actions on the part of Washington and said that by such actions the United States is trying to provoke Russia “to take some action” in order to then accuse Moscow of aggression and introduce restrictive measures against it.


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