The Federation Council proposed to recognize the NWO fighters as a socially vulnerable category

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Participants and veterans of the special operation should receive the status of a socially vulnerable category of citizens. This will allow them to work in the field of social entrepreneurship, according to the Federation Council.

“The bill proposes to include in the categories of socially vulnerable citizens persons who did military service in the special operation zone. It will contribute to an overall increase in employment, and, consequently, an increase in budget revenues, ”TASS writes with reference to Andrei Kutepov, head of the economic policy committee, who is the author of the document.

Under current legislation, small and medium-sized businesses are recognized as social if they hire disabled people, single parents or large families, pensioners, former prisoners, graduates of orphanages, etc. It is proposed to supplement this list with participants and veterans of the special operation.

The military and mobilized, participating in a special operation, can receive the status of a combat veteran. They are entitled to a number of benefits, including free prescription drugs, vouchers to a sanatorium for medical reasons, a discount on housing maintenance and contributions for major repairs in the amount of 50%.


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