The Federation Council believes that Europe will not be able to abandon Russian oil

Russia’s import-export capabilities will not be affected by new EU sanctions, the senator is sure Viktor Bondarev.

As reported IA REGNUM Earlier, the European Union approved the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, which, in particular, includes the establishment of a price ceiling for Russian oil.

β€œThe introduction of a marginal oil price will lead to an increase in its value on the world market. A change in market quotes in the direction of increase will bring us benefits. Such sanctions will not induce us to lower the price, but rather will induce us to look for new sales markets, to reorient ourselves to the sale of this demanded energy resource to countries outside the EU, for example, to the states of the Asian macro-region.”— Bondarev noted in his telegram channel.

The senator stressed that there is a rather limited number of countries in the world that produce oil in the volume…

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