The father of the founder of Cream Soda Svirgunov, who fell through the ice, cannot believe in the death of his son

Andrey Svirgunov, the father of Dmitry Svirgunov, the founder of the Cream Soda group, who, along with friends, fell through the ice in the Yaroslavl region on the night of March 20, does not believe in the death of his son. In conversation with the man stressed that the musician was not fond of extreme entertainment.

We, of course, did not know that they (Dmitry and his brother Roman. – Note. Life) going to cross the river. They did not have such a tradition. If this happened, then it is definitely an accident. Dima doesn’t like extreme sports, it doesn’t look like him,” he noted.

The man noted that in addition to Roman and Dmitry, he has another son, Denis, who studies at school. According to one version, the company was actively dancing on the ice, which is why he could not stand it. What exactly happened that night, law enforcement officers will find out. Meanwhile, Andrei Svirgunov prays for the children and hopes that everything will work out.

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