The father of the battalion commander of “Sparta” told what helped him not to fall into despair after the death of Vokha


The commander of the “Sparta” battalion, Artyom Zhoga, spoke about the military path of his son, the former battalion commander of the Vladimir (Vokhi) unit, and how he coped with his death. They joined the militia in 2014, initially helping the then Sparta battalion commander Arsen Pavlov (Motorola).

Conversation with Artyom Zhoga. Video © Telegram / Donbass Media

“We brought building materials, rubber, gasoline, collected food. Then the duty at checkpoints began, and on one such duty Volodya met Arsen. He received an offer from Arsen to take part. In principle, to which he agreed,” told Artyom in an interview with Donbass Media.

Despite his young age, Vladimir was perceived in the battalion as a deputy commander. According to Jogi, in the absence of Motorola, he took over the leadership. As for the death of Pavlov, her son experienced it difficult: during the service, the deceased became his “friend, brother.”

The current commander of “Sparta” admitted that he learned about the death of his son from one of the commanders and at first did not believe in it.

“So fast, probably, I never went. I didn’t believe it until I arrived, I didn’t see him. Who specifically shot, I don’t know. The only thing I asked for was an in-depth examination, and [по её результатам] it was caliber 5.45. Most likely fired from the PKK (Kalashnikov light machine gun. — Note. Life.)“, the commander says.

After the tragic news, Jogu was supported by the realization of the need to complete the work begun by Arsen Pavlov. According to him, when a person lives for a long time in conditions of armed conflict, he grows together with his team, which becomes his family.

“After the death of Volodya, I perfectly understood that I needed not to fall into despair, tragedy, panic, grief. continue to inflict maximum defeat on the enemy in memory of Arsen and Volodya, so that the name of “Sparta” always sounds on the lips, “ he added.

He continues the work of not only the deceased son, but also the grandfathers-veterans who also fought against fascism during the Great Patriotic War. As for the Victory Parade, it should be held “not in Kyiv, but on the squares of European capitals,” the commander is sure.

“Sooner or later, the conflict will still end in our victory, and all the guys will return home,” he concluded.

Recall that Vladimir Zhoga died on March 5, 2022. By decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was posthumously awarded the title “Hero of Russia”. A street in Volnovakha was named in honor of the deceased commander.


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