The Far Eastern Nuclear Power Plant will be built in Primorye – Kommersant

For the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Far East, they may choose a territory in the Primorsky Territory. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Energy Yevgeny Grabchak. According to him, when determining the location for a nuclear power plant, they look at the cross-section and possible throughput.

“Primorsk Nuclear Power Plant. An appropriate development program is now being formed,” said the deputy minister. He also said that the day before a meeting was held on this issue with representatives of the government of the Primorsky Territory. At the rapid pace of negotiations, the station could be built in ten years.

Chairman of the Board of JSC System Operator of the Unified Energy System Fyodor Opadchiy clarified that a joint working group has been created with the Ministry of Energy and Rosatom for the construction of the nuclear power plant. He said that the power plant will consist of two blocks with a capacity of 600 megawatts.

According to Fedor Opadchev, the main difficulty of nuclear generation in the Far East is the long construction time. “Therefore, from the point of view of future coverage and balance, it is necessary to consider hydroelectric power stations; they are needed here not only as flood control, but also as kilowatt-hours for future demand,” he added. The government will be offered options for the construction of such generation facilities until 2029.

As a Kommersant source previously said, construction of the nuclear power plant should be completed between 2035 and 2042. Investments in the construction, according to analysts, will amount to $5–7 billion.

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