The FAN #BEZFILTER project was recognized as the best public and social show


    The I’m famous award ceremony took place in Moscow. Presenter of the program of the Federal News Agency #BEZFILTROV Anton Bekkuzhev received an award in the nomination “Best Public and Social Show”.

    The presentation of the prestigious award took place in Soho rooms on Bolshaya Savvinskaya Embankment. Top bloggers, TV presenters, singers, representatives of show business and entrepreneurs from all over the capital gathered in the big hall of the legendary club. The organizers of the award sought to select the best specialists in their field. Among the winners was a journalist and a presenter Anton Bekkuzhev.

    “Thank you very much for this nomination, for this award. My show “No Filters”, which airs on the Federal News Agency used to be entertaining, I talked about the life of bloggers, it was a lifestyle show, but times are changing, now we have difficult times, so we have reformatted into a social story, and now we communicate with bloggers who are patriots, stay in Russia and love our country” — said the winner from the stage.

    In his program #BEZFILTEROV, Anton meets popular people who were once associated with Ukraine, and now live and work in Russia.

    “Now our main news agenda is the conflict in Ukraine, and of course, we must talk about it, we must talk about it not only with political scientists, with public figures, but also with bloggers, with media people. They were affected by this problem, they were affected by everything that happened there in recent years: they were oppressed, they were not allowed to work, because they spoke Russian, because they supported Russia, ” shared Anton.

    Previously, the presenter has already become the winner of the I’m famous award. In March of this year, he won the award in the nomination “Best Internet Show”.

    “Any award is always nice. When our work is celebrated, it’s always cool. I am glad that the project has grown socially, and I am growing and changing, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to show myself from a new side, ”- shared the presenter.

    The charity event I’m Famous, within which the award is presented, was created about a year ago by journalists and public figures. Alexandra Koshkina, Diana Brut, Irina Nagaets and Natalya Sharonova. This time it was held under the slogan “We announce the fashion for good deeds.” All participants helped orphans suffering from severe genetic diseases.

    “They need help. They are not just in an orphanage, but in an orphanage that is not supported by the state. They exist at the expense of patrons and kind people, media people who have gathered here today at this event, are ready to give their attention, time, generous gifts, and we thank them for this,” said the TV and radio host, public figure and organizer of the I’m Famous charity event Irina Nagaets.

    The proceeds from the I’m Famous 2022 event will go to help the wards of the St. Sophia Orphanage in Moscow.


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