The experts decided that it is more profitable to buy seedlings or grow them yourself.

Experts have found the cheapest option for obtaining seedlings. Specialists of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of the Chelyabinsk Region compared what is more profitable: to produce 50 seedlings from scratch at home, or to go the simpler and faster way – to buy ready-made material. Results are published EAN.

So, the approximate costs will be from 782 to 14.7 thousand rubles, depending on seeds and garden products. According to experts, the most expensive purchases will be phytolamps and pots for seedlings. Do not forget about utility costs. For light when using the backlight, you will have to pay monthly from 70 to 101 rubles, and about six rubles for water.

“According to the results of a study of the market for ready-made tomato seedlings, it was found that 50 roots, depending on the variety, will cost from 750 to 4500 rubles,” found out by the experts.

Based on the calculations, it turns out that the cost of self-growing is much lower than the cost of buying ready-made seedlings, if there is no need to buy a phytolamp, containers for planting and fertilizers. But the amount exceeds the cost of finished seedlings in the case of purchasing a complete set of necessary goods. One and in this case, do not forget that the equipment can be used for years, so in the long run it still turns out to be more profitable.

And earlier, Life told me when to plant seeds for seedlings. As agronomist Vladimir Vikulov explained, for example, the seeds of peppers and tomatoes are best planted in March. He said that gardeners begin to plant vegetable crops in the beds no earlier than the first decade of May. It is by this time that the seedlings of tomatoes and peppers should grow and reach a certain “age”.

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