The expert told what professions will be in demand

    The expert told what professions will be in demand

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    In the near future, the search for people for vacancies related to sales will increase, as well as the demand for IT specialists, technologists and logisticians. About it “Public News Service” said career consultant Ilgiz Valinurov.

    According to him, already now you can see that on job search sites, approximately 50 percent of the submitted vacancies are related to sales. That is, sales managers, commercial directors, heads of the sales department, marketers are in demand. According to the specialist, the need for these personnel will continue to grow.

    In addition, there is a demand for representatives of such professions as milling cutters, locksmiths, plumbers, as well as specialists in food production and mechanical engineering.

    The market also needs programmers and, given the current situation with import substitution and parallel imports, specialists in logistics and transportation are in demand, Valinurov emphasized.

    At the same time, accounting specialists will be less in demand, since most of their functions “are now automated through 1C and other programs.” Lawyers will be needed only for complex tasks, the expert specified.

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