The expert told how to reduce the number of calls from scammers


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    MOSCOW, 15 Jan – Some of the Russians are called by scammers more often, and some less often. Why this is happening and how not to attract the attention of intruders, explained in an interview with Sputnik radio, a professor at the Department of Security in the Digital World, Moscow State Technical University. Bauman Vitaly Vekhov.
    The primary concern of scammers and advertising service providers is for people whose phone numbers are in poorly protected or public databases, he said.
    “If a person is often called with advertising or intrusive offers, this means that he is not careful with his personal data,” Vekhov is sure.
    Therefore, you should not share your real personal information with employees of various companies without extreme necessity, he continued. For example, when issuing discount cards in supermarkets.
    “In such cases, it is better to enter fake data about yourself and your birthday. And those who enter real data and a real phone number are more likely to be scammed and various intrusive advertising,” the expert said.
    You should also not publish your data on social networks, even in closed groups, he added. In addition, logins and passwords that allow you to enter your personal accounts or accounts on various Internet resources should be protected from intruders.
    “If you work in a browser, then when you exit your personal account, you need to erase the password. Or, when you enter, do not check the “remember” box and do not save either your login or password. It is also worth clearing the browser history. Yes, this is inconvenient, but it is saves you from scammers to some extent,” Vitaly Vekhov said in an interview with Sputnik radio.
    Useful information on how to protect the data of your bank or SIM card can be gleaned from contracts for these products, the expert concluded.



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