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A press conference was held in Moscow, during which the winners of the “Teacher of the Year of Russia” and experts shared their impressions of this year’s professional competition and answered journalists’ questions.

Photo: press service of the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia”

One of the questions asked to the press conference participants was about the qualities that are most needed to win the Teacher of the Year competition. What is more important for success: many years of experience or non-standard approaches of the contestants to teaching schoolchildren? The people’s teacher of the Russian Federation, rector of the Tyumen Regional State Institute for the Development of Regional Education, director of school-lyceum No. 34 (Tyumen) Olga Roytblat expressed her opinion on this matter.

According to her, it makes no sense to separate these two concepts, because an experienced teacher already has a storehouse of knowledge that has already brought him results. But a novice specialist is not afraid of anything, he tries everything, takes new technologies, and immediately puts them into practice. Therefore, it is necessary to combine these qualities in order to get a really high-quality, progressive result.

“A teacher should absorb everything he receives without fear of difficulties,” said Olga Roytblat.

In turn, the Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, Anastasia Zyryanova, said that victory in the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia” gives. According to her, there is no particular interest in this in terms of material wealth. Rather, it is about the recognition of colleagues, about their own sense of satisfaction from achieving their goals. Also, victory opens up great horizons for self-development.

“This is an opportunity to get out of the comfort zone, because no one forced, wasting their time, their nerves, their strength, their intellectual potential – it’s worth a lot,” said Anastasia Zyryanova.

At the same press conference, the winners of the competition reasoned on the theme of the “gold standard” of education, which will soon appear in all Russian schools. Almost all participants rated this initiative as positive.

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